Prita Febrina

Bali Operations Director

Prita has been part of the Bali Institute team for more than 5 years.  She has held several positions, most recently as operations manager for our educational and cultural programs.  She carries a deep understanding of the Balinese culture as seen thru the eyes of foreigners, a unique skill that helps in designing components of our experiences that are everlasting and even transformative.  She often leads cultural discussions and helps create seminars in collaboration with universities in Bali.  She has also lead special programs with aboriginal university students from Australia sponsored by the Australian government designed to strengthen and enhance Indonesian-Australian cultural exchange among young people.

She graduated from Udayana University, one of the top Balinese universities, with a B.A. in English Literature.  She worked at several international companies before deciding to spend a summer working on Bali Institute programs. Luckily for us she was hooked on our vision and goals.  Her job with us continued to grow and expand, bringing a special knowledge-base and philosophical understanding that adds to the unique character of Bali Institute programs.   Prita loves to share Balinese culture with all program participants and build meaningful relationships with people from around the world. She also strives to empower other Balinese, especially youth, to be open-minded and globally aware.

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