Marcia Jaffe

Founder, Chairman of the Board of Bali Institute

Marcia Jaffe brings more than 30+ years’ experience in the business, nonprofit and entrepreneurial worlds. She ran her own mid-size event management company for 15 years, producing corporate and community conferences and events for up to 400,000 people. She has created several of her own conferences including a series called FAMILY2000, events on multiculturalism in the 21st century, women’s health gatherings, and numerous others. It was Marcia’s vision while on a short vacation in Bali in 2003 that generated the Quest for Global Healing series of conferences, launching a unique concept that weaves Balinese culture with western dialogue and programs as a core structure for a global conference. With help from numerous Balinese and Indonesians, and other senior advisory team members from around the world, she held fast to her dream for the next wave of this journey, moving the conference concept into a global learning center called Bali Institute for Global Renewal located in Ubud.   Our Background Story

Her initial ideas have grown into the ongoing discovery of ways to integrate the indigenous intelligence of Bali with a variety of curriculum, transformative learning and leadership-building opportunities for people of all ages.  She has helped develop a growing list of universities and high school programs from around the world who are bringing students to Bali Institute to co-create courses that weave in cultural immersion and service leadership and learning experiences.

Her next venture starting in 2014 is to build a new concept in global education — the Bali Institute GLOBAL CAMPUS —  which focuses on cultural learning, service leadership and indigenous wisdom.  It will also allow the Island of Bali to become a stronger voice in the global dialogue around world issues, global healing, and new ways of living our lives to the fullest.  The GLOBAL CAMPUS will offer a dynamic learning/living space for thousands of learners of all ages, along with universities from around the world, bringing a fascinating array of programs and courses.  In addition, the GLOBAL CAMPUS will have a large conference and dialogue area which can host local and global forums, conferences and other gatherings, provide leadership and social activism training, and offer a variety of transformational programs.

Marcia has an active yoga practice and loves writing and reading poetry.  She has a degree in Psychology from the University of Southern California, and all her masters work (minus a thesis) in Leadership and Human Behavior at United States International University in San Diego, CA. Her son, Ryan Feinstein, created and directed the Bali Institute’s Global Youth in Action programs and until September 2015 served as Chief Learning Officer and Program/Operations Director overseeing all Bali Institute programs. He currently is on sabbatical and serving as global consultant for several of our programs and future directions.  Her daughter, Jaci, is busy doing event development/management work, starting her own NGO on volunteerism in San Diego, running mini-marathons and having a great life.

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