Linda Dunkel

Linda Dunkel 2Linda Dunkel is the former CEO of the Bali Institute for Global Renewal—focused on enhancing global citizenship through the delivery of transformational leadership immersion experiences and cross-cultural dialogues designed to awaken and inspire all of us to realize our noblest aspirations.  She has been an Advisor to BIGR since attending their first Global Conference in 2004.  As a leader interested in social justice and promoting human dignity, Linda has been involved in the growth and development of Bali Institute (BIGR) over the past 10 years, taking a tremendous interest in the extraordinary approach to transformational learning that BIGR has developed.

Linda continues to serve as the Chair Emeritus of Interaction Associates (IA), having served as a past President and Chief Executive Officer of that firm (semi-retiring in June 2013), Chair of the company’s Board of Directors, and Board Member of the Interaction Institute for Social Change, IA’s sister nonprofit organization. Linda has served in senior level positions in two start-up companies and was vice-president of a Fortune 100 company prior to joining IA nearly 20 years ago.  Recently she also served as Chair of the Board of World Centers of Compassion, founded by Nobel Laureate Betty Williams, which focused on helping refugee children globally.  Linda was among 18 winners of the prestigious 2006 Best Bosses Award — a national honor that recognizes the most innovative and inspirational leaders of midsized and small businesses across America, and was profiled in for her collaborative leadership style.

Linda is a sought-after presenter at many national conferences, including at the Conscious Capitalism and The Conference Board Leadership Development Conferences. She works both locally and globally, and has given keynote addresses internationally, in such forums as The Women in Leadership Conference in Sydney, Australia. She is currently working on the Board of the YWCA of Metropolitan Dallas, addressing the needs of women in Dallas County.

She is a former teacher of cultural anthropology and holds a Masters in International Business from the University of Texas at Dallas with a focus on Asia.  She received a B.S. in Education from the University of Texas at Austin.  She and her husband, Tony, reside in Dallas and Kona, Hawaii, and have two daughters as well as two grandchildren.


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