Dr. Benina Gould

Dr. Benina Gould received her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology. She was awarded a Carnegie Fellowship at the Belfer Center for International Studies at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and grants from the Center for Middle Eastern Studies, UC Berkeley and the Fetzer Foundation. She is former Director of the Social Transformation Program at Saybook Graduate School in San Francisco and a visiting scholar at the University of California, International and Area Studies. To better understand the next generation of Islamic youth, Benina has completed a research study in Indonesia entitled “Breaking the Barrier; The Muslim Youth Internet Survey: Use of the Internet for Current Islamic and Non-Islamic Issues.” This research examined the stereotype about “‘madrassas’ being breeding grounds for fundamentalism,” and included islamic communities in California and Pakistan. Her present work on “Religious Based Peace Education” is a long term program with the “Abrahamic Family Outreach” project at the Center for Theory and Research at Esalen Institute. As part of this she has developed the “Student Religion/Pluralism Survey” that seeks to understand the role of religion in the daily lives of high school students both at school and with their friends. This work will take place in the United States and Germany.

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