Pak Ryan Feinstein



Ryan has been with the organization since its first Quest for Global Healing Conference in 2004. Recognizing that there were very few young people at the first event, he orchestrated on his own more than 100 young people from around the world to attend the second Global Healing event in 2006, leading a pre-conference seminar that brought together facilitative leadership training, World Cafe dialogues, and cultural immersion to generate a huge surge of young entrepreneurial energy into the mix during this conference. He is also the founder of the Global Youth in Action Programs of the Bali Institute and was Program Director and Co-Convener for the third international “Awakening Global Action” gathering in Bali in 2007. He also serves on the Executive Council of Bali Institute.

He received executive-level training through Interaction Associates, mentored by their CEO/President Linda Dunkel (who is now CEO/President of Bali Institute) and Juanita Brown, founder of The World Cafe. Ryan has gone on to play a significant role in co-designing and co-facilitating our growing list of university and high school programs that integrate Balinese cultural immersion and service learning into course curriculum and service leadership.

Recently Ryan served as Thrive Hub Project Coordinator at Generation Waking Up, where he coordinated spaces for young people to organize and mobilize locally to make their campuses and communities a demonstration of a thriving, just, and sustainable world. He has extensive experience designing and facilitating workshops, seminars and conferences focused on multi-generational collaboration for social change. He has co-hosted seminars at numerous annual events including Pegasus, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Rockrose Institute, and Common Bond Institute gatherings. As a fellow of the World Café, Ryan has developed training programs to tap into the wisdom and unique gifts that each generation has to offer.

Ryan has been a member of the Board of Directors for the World Cafe Community Foundation. He received his BA in International Studies from the University of California, San Diego. He served as their Civic Engagement Director and developed training programs to equip students with the skills, tools and resources for moving from vision to action on social and environmental issues. Ryan also advised service-learning trips for the Alternative Breaks program at his University.


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