Ronald Stones OBE

Ron holds a MBA in Educational Leadership. Originally from Britain, over a span of twenty-four years, he held chief executive positions of three of South-East Asia’s prestigious international schools. In 2006, he was appointed to Sampoerna Foundation to advise the Board of Executives, and to direct a national school quality improvement program in Indonesia. In 2008 he took over directorship of Green School in Bali – an amazing pioneering project in education that is capturing global media attention. He is a seasoned collector of art; taking up position as Managing Director of One East Asia – an international art management organisation with its head office in Singapore – in 2010 is a natural career progression for him. He continues to hold a position with Green School as its Consultant Director, commuting between Bali and Singapore. He is the author of two published novellas and a collection of leadership stories. He has been awarded several honorary positions including recognition by Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II for his services to education.

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