Edward Rockman

“I came to adult consciousness during a turbulent time of social change in America. As a teenager, the civil rights movement came to prominence and as a young adult equality for all races became the law. Our national social energy was diverted by the Viet Nam war during which I was a conscientious objector. Instead of serving in the military, I performed ‘alternative civilian service’ as employment services manager for a non-profit free clinic. I went to law school and then devoted the first ten years of my career working for the Legal Aid Society, the last five as its director, to bring legal services to the low income community who would otherwise have had the court house door closed to them. I took jobs that paid the bills while raising a family. Now I work for myself doing litigation and what is called Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation and Arbitration). I volunteer at the Superior Court as a Settlement Panelist (Judge Pro Tem), Legal Aid Society and my Law School. I was also actively involved in the Obama presidential campaign because I wanted to see positive social change come to America and the world community.”

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