Jenna Payne

Jenna most recently served Program Manager for Inner City Advisors (ICA), responsible for the management its advisory and education programs for inner city companies in Oakland, CA and for the coordination of business advisor resources, education seminars and events. Previously she spent six months working in the rainforests of Brazil as a photo journalist documenting organic coffee farmers for TransFair/FairTrade and volunteering to help local communities do reforestation projects in the Atlantic Rainforest. Before traveling abroad, Jenna served as the Program Director for the National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) for the Bay Area, where she worked to develop and deliver entrepreneurship education programs to students from low-income communities in order to help them develop their own businesses plans and further their entrepreneurial creativity. Jenna has been in the field of community and economic development for the past nine years. After receiving her BA in Urban Studies and Planning from UC San Diego, she helped design and open an after school teen center for local youth. She has her bilingual teaching credential and has taught both Jr. High and High school in Santa Cruz County. Jenna loves to travel and has visited communities all over the world. She has spent over two years in South America, where she learned both Spanish and Portuguese. Outside of work, Jenna spends her time dancing, climbing hills on her bike, listening to live music and being outside.

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