Shaina Patel

Shaina is finishing her undergraduate degree at UCSD studying International Studies and Ethnic Studies. Following her passion for social justice and working with people, she has been involved with volunteer trips in Guatemala and the Havasupai Native American reservation in Arizona. Both at her university and within the San Diego community she has facilitated discussions around the 2008 U.S. presidential election, racial minorities in the U.S., and global citizenship. After developing a strong interest in writing, she joined a student group at UCSD, New Voices, writing articles for a school paper about her experience as a person of color. At UCSD she has also been involved with the Coalition of South Asian Peoples, pushing the university to open a South Asian Studies department, and the starting the Banaa scholarship program at UCSD to sponsor the studies of a Sudanese scholar committed to promoting social justice in Sudan. Currently Shaina is spending her third year studying abroad through the University of California Education Abroad Program in New Delhi, India to learn more about herself through the culture she comes from.

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