Karen Anderson

Karen is a corporate communications specialist with a focus on strategic planning, public relations, and marketing. With an M.A. in Educational Psychology, Karen combined her academic background with business to spearhead the public relations, communications, and licensing efforts as a V.P. at Gymboree Corp, then created the first corporate communications program for Supercuts, Inc. Adding qualitative research to her repertoire in the 90’s, she became an independent consultant with such clients as Cadillac. In addition, Karen has led her own entrepreneurial groups for women and currently is an associate with Hamilton Ink PR in Mill Valley, CA. Karen is the mother of three sons, a grandmother, serves on non-profit boards, is an active community volunteer and mentors teen girls. Karen has attended several Bali conferences and events and was recently one of the Thought-Leaders at the 2009 gathering. She continues to provide guidance and support in a number of important projects for Bali Institute.

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