Popo Danes

Popo Danes is an international award-winning architect, and is working with the Bali Institute to explore the feasibility of building the first “Global Banjar” Dialogue and Conference Center in Ubud. As an environmentalist, he is committed to integrating eco-friendly characteristics of Bali’s traditional architecture into his projects. He has had his own architecture design firm since 1993, after returning from a Rotary-sponsored trip to the Netherlands where he visited museums, design studios and construction sites. A large number of his internationally-recognized projects have been luxurious tourist resorts, upscale boutique hotels and opulent residential houses, yet he has remained committed to environmental conservation, making sure that construction causes minimum damage to the land, plants, trees and other natural features of each property. Popo has received numerous national and global awards throughout his prolific career, and is known for his unique way of using Indonesia’s legacy of traditional architecture, culture and community in modern projects.

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