Gary Malkin

Gary Malkin is an Emmy award-winning composer, producer and global arts activist, dedicated to making a difference in the world by creating music-infused resources and experiences that inspire the heart and catalyze societal and individual healing. He is also an articulate speaker and performer, passionate about the vital role the arts can play as an integration tool for greater humanity and wholeness, especially in health care.

Gary is the co-creator of the internationally acclaimed book and CD set, Graceful Passages, produced by his life-enhancing media company, Wisdom of the World, which is pioneering innovative ways to deliver meaning and wisdom through the power of music and film. He is the co-founderof a non-profit organization, Companion Arts, dedicated to integrating the values of a broad spirituality into our health care systems through a provider-focused educational program and CD series called Care for the Journey.

Gary is also proud to have served as the Artistic Director for international conferences, such as the Quest for Global Healing Conferences, featuring Archbishop Desmond Tutu, in Bali. He recently was featured as the only American performer at a nationally televised Cultural Festival on the stage of the Great Hall of China, demonstrating the healing power of music. Gary has devoted his life to using music and the arts as a universal tool to build bridges between cultures throughout the world. Through his performances, presentations and recordings, he is dedicated to promoting a greater understanding of the power of music and the arts as an essential component for a healthy integration of body, mind and spirit. His websites are, and

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