Ryan Feinstein


Ryan is the President of Bali Institute and has been with the company since it began creating/operating cultural programs in 2009. He designed and lead our first education programs beginning with social entrepreneurship and leadership programs with Northeastern University and New York University. Since then he has directed more than 70 student and adult programs, working collaboratively with our Balinese cultural leaders and client travelers from America, Australia, Thailand and elsewhere.

He has extensive experience designing and facilitating workshops, seminars and conferences focused on multi-generational collaboration for social change. He has co-hosted seminars at numerous annual events including Pegasus, Institute of Noetic Sciences, Rockrose Institute, and Common Bond Institute gatherings. He also developed training programs as a fellow of the World Café and served as Thrive Hub Project Coordinator at Generation Waking Up in the U.S., where he coordinated opportunities for young people to organize and mobilize locally to make their campuses and communities a demonstration of a “thriving, just, and sustainable world”.

Over the past 10 years, Ryan received executive-level leadership and facilitation training through Interaction Associates, a top American-based leadership training company located in San Francisco and Boston. Their CEO/President Linda Dunkel served as a mentor to Ryan, and Linda is now a Global Advisor of Bali Institute. Ryan also was trained in several dialogic processes for small and large groups, under the direction of Dr. Juanita Brown, founder of The World Cafe. His unique expertise in program design along with the cultural learning opportunities that only Bali can offer has allowed him to co-create experiences that keep bringing clients back year after year.

Ryan has been a member of the Board of Directors for the World Cafe Community Foundation. He received his BA in International Studies from the University of California, San Diego.


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