International Conference on Transformative Learning

Bali Institute is pleased to announce that it is a co-sponsor of an upcoming global conference with Meridian University to be held in San Francisco on November 1-4, 2012. The event, the 10th International Conference on Transformative Learning, is titled “A Future for Earth: Re-Imagining Learning for a Transforming World”. More than 600 people from around the globe are expected to attend this highly informative and interactive gathering.

Meridian University’s Center for Transformative Learning is dedicated to fostering Transformative Learning through research, symposia, and networks that encourage and inspire both individual and collective learning.┬áBali Institute will be partnering with Living the Sacred organization in offering an interactive intensive workshop on Indignenous Wisdom and Transformative Learning.

Marcia Jaffe, founder and president of Bali Insitute, says that there are “efforts underway to have some of our Balinese advisory council come to San Francisco to participate at this conference and offer dialogue on the values and spiritual beliefs that are an intricate part of their culture that can help shape and transform our shared planet.”

More news on this will be coming in the next few months as plans are finalized.

For more information about the conference and to register, please visit

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