AWAKENING GLOBAL ACTION: Leadership, Indigenous Wisdom and Dialogue for a Transforming World

Participants ranged from students in universities to retired executives, local Balinese groups, grantees from the Global Fund for Women and other organizational initiatives, poetry-slam winners, authors, African leaders and tribal dignitaries, Balinese royalty and political leaders, healers, and a variety of professionals, entrepreneurs, other concerned citizens. All had two things in common: a desire to play a more prominent role in social change; and a calling that Bali could be part of their transformative experience towards a new form of activism. About one third of the delegates were under the age of 35, and countries represented included Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India, Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Cambodia, Thailand, Colombia, Peru, USA, Canada, South Africa, Swaziland, Argentina, Zimbabwe, Morocco. More than 40 facilitators from numerous countries helped guide a true cross-cultural learning experience that impacted every participant attending.

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